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Why Learning About Our Rural Heritage Matters: An Interview with Jerry Apps — PRTP3



In this podcast episode you’ll meet Jerry Apps, Wisconsin author, speaker, and storyteller on Wisconsin history, agriculture, and our rural heritage. Over the years, I’ve read his books, blog posts, and I’ve been able to hear him speak. I’m always left feeling a sense of gratitude for rural Southwest Wisconsin. His words are important to share because it reminds us that where we live…matters, and we should be fostering that narrative. As you listen to this episode, I am hoping that you’ll be able to gather some ideas of how you can facilitate learning about our past, our culture, and our rural heritage so the next generation can also feel that sense of gratitude and pride.

Information about the work of Jerry Apps:

Tools for recording oral histories: (for elementary students)

Resources to get started in 4h, county fairs, and Wisconsin Dairy Breakfast events: (4h in Wisconsin, specifically)

Resources to start a school garden:

Resources to teach Agriculture (k-12):

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