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Kindness from Richland Center — PRTP17



This episode actually goes back to the spring of 2020, when our kids were sent home for virtual learning. It’s not an era I’d like to revisit, but I do want to share this one moment. As we head into a new year, I want you to remember that even a small act of kindness can improve the life of a child and that there’s something very special about rural communities in that we collectively wrap-around our kids. 

Today you’re meeting a teacher, Megan Clerkin, and some sweet 1st graders from Doudna Elementary in the Richland School District in SW Wisconsin, and a grandmother, Deb Stuckey. When the 1st graders were sent home, back in 2020, Grandpa and Grandma Stuckey noticed the kids were having a hard time holding their iPads up for zooms and activities. They decided to build custom, wooden iPad stands not just for their kids, but for the whole class. 

This episode is such a great reminder that in our rural communities we watch over each other. We raise all kids as if they were our own. I’m hoping you leave this episode feeling reaffirmed that together we can collectively solve problems and support our kids.

Baily & Aspen making the iPad holders with Grandpa & Grandma Stuckey

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