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Interdisciplinary Learning at Platteville High School — PRTP19



In today’s podcast episode you’ll learn about an interdisciplinary project between two classes in high school, social studies and band. I realized, though, that as the interview was unfolding, our guests were also noting the importance of teachers having dedicated collaboration time with colleagues to engage in meaningful conversation about student learning. You will be meeting two educators from Platteville High School in Southwest Wisconsin. High School Band teacher, Kevin Cooley, and Social studies teacher (at the time), Jake Crase, created an interdisciplinary experience that allowed students to study both the historical context and the related music of an event. Even if you’re not a history or music teacher, I’m sure you’ll find this episode interesting as they provide solid inspiration that interdisciplinary connections and planned collaboration time truly matter.

Resources Related to the Project:

Resources Related to PLCs:

Many thanks to Kevin Cooley & Jake Crase for the commitment to education and willingness to tell their story and to Brad Brogley for the resources on PLCs.

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