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Collaborating with Community Partners in Potosi, Wisconsin — PRTP20



Today’s podcast episode takes you on a journey to Potosi, Wisconsin where you’ll meet a group of both students and adults all dedicated to three missions, all of which benefit the school system and the community. Potosi is a rural community with a long history back to the early 1800s. For this entire episode, we are on location in the downtown area In mid-February. The temps are nice but there’s still snow on the ground. Potosi Main Street is probably 3 miles and has a gradual slope downhill toward the river. To me, Potosi represents the landscape of the Driftless and that the main street seems nestled in a hallow with homes and businesses tucked against the rock. It’s definitely representative of what we this of as the driftless landscape.  We start out at the Badger Huts Trail to learn how students are partnering with community members to improve this historically relevant trail that will offer yet another destination stop for visitors to the area. On our walk, you’ll meet Superintendent Kurt Cohen, Science teacher Matt Eastlick, community member Larry Kalina, and students Logan Uppena, Connor McKillip, Emily Bierman, Logan Kruser, and Ethan Kerkhoff.

In no particular order: Science teacher Matt Eastlick, community member Larry Kalina, Superintendent Kurt Cohen, and students Logan Uppena, Connor McKillip, Logan Kruser, Ethan Kerkhoff, and Emily Bierman

PROJECT 1: Maintaining the Badger Huts Trail

Click here for directions to the Badger Huts Trail. The embedded image below shows where you’d begin your walk. Please park across the street like the sign indicates.

PROJECT 2: Helping Create Signage for the Potosi Driftless Informational Center

Click here for directions to the Potosi Driftless Information Center.

PROJECT 3: Creating a Wild Prairie on the School Campus

Location on the School Campus

Click here to read more about the Wild Prairie Project.

Potosi Community Facebook Groups:

Potosi-Tennyson Area Chamber of Commerce

Grant County Tourism Council

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