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Family & Consumer Education — A Responsive Approach at Wisconsin Dells High School — PRTP22



When you think of Wisconsin Dells, I’m guessing the first thing that might come to mind would be the water parks and resorts. Located in southern Wisconsin, Wisconsin Dells draws in well over 4 million visitors a year. Despite that huge tourist draw, the permanent resident population is actually much smaller. Matter of fact, Wisconsin Dells High schools enrollment is just 558 students. A few months ago I was able to take a group of pre-service teachers on a tour of the high school as I heard it was recently built and rather unique. Honestly, I was so caught off guard. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful, with natural light, flexible space, and ample room, the spaces are so carefully placed. One area that really caught me off guard was the family and consumer education spaces. I think back maybe 12 or 15 years ago, I noticed a trend of schools eliminating their family and consumer education departments, but Wisconsin Dells has moved the other way. They’ve bolstered that department, but think about it. Many of their students head into the hospitality industry during high school or after graduation. The space they’ve created is responsive to their community. Today you’re meeting Erin Michalsky, family and consumer education teacher at Wisconsin Dells High School.

WiscNews covered a tour of the building back in 2020.

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