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Today I had the honor of meeting Ryan Steuer, executive director of Magnify Learning, a Project Based Learning organization who trains teachers, coaches, and principals across the country. He’s also the author of a new book to be released soon, PBL Simplified.  You can find him all over the internet – both youtube and podcasting all speaking to the benefits of PBL and how you can integrate it into your classroom. Now you’re probably wondering why I’d include this on a podcast about being a rural teacher. There’s a lot of overlap between place-based education and project based learning. For example, design thinking, inquiry-based learning, and learner centered activities are 3 principles of place based education. Without a doubt, those exist in project based learning too, and depending on the project, the other 3 principles can cross over too. PBL and PBE, two of my favorite acronyms in rural education. So today’s interview is with Ryan, from Magnify Learning. 

What is PBL?

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