Stories from the Driftless | September 19, 2022

Portrait of a Rural Teacher

As part of our work as the Driftless Region Hub, the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin Platteville is issuing a call for a “Portrait of a Rural […]

Stories from the Driftless | January 2, 2022

Kindness from Richland Center — PRTP17

This episode actually goes back to the spring of 2020, when our kids were sent home for virtual learning. It’s not an era I’d like to revisit, but I do […]

Stories from the Driftless | November 15, 2021

Deep Learning in Decorah, IA — PRTP16

Decorah, Iowa is a beautiful town, rich with connections to water and the land. Decorah is in NE Iowa just west of the Mississippi, right on the edge of the […]